The Shura Council of Saudi Arabia

Current President

Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh,


The Shoora Council of Saudi Arabia has a total of 151 members ,121 males and 30 females appointed by the King of Saudi Arabia for duration of 4 years. Members of this Council can also be removed by the King for lack of performance or if a member asks for resignation. The chamber can also be entirely dissolved by a Royal decree from the King. The Council sits weekly on a call by the Speaker of the Council. The Shoora Council of is the only Council in Saudi Arabia.

The Presiding Officer of the Council is the President. The King appoints him for a period of 4 years. The King can also remove him and if this happens, he looses also his seat in the chamber.

1. Overseeing of all the Council’s activities.
2. Representing the Council in relation to other organizations.
3. Presides over the meetings and approves issues to be discussed and bring them forward for voting.
4. He also presides over the meeting of the general committee.


1. The Deputy President
2. General Secretary of the Council

The other Principal Officers are also appointed by the King and can be removed by him.

A brief outline of the functions of other Principal Officers is as follows:
1. The Deputy President assists the President in his absence.
2. The Secretary General takes minutes of the meetings of the Council, inform the members of the time and agenda of meetings and performs other mandate given to him by the Speaker.

There are 12 committees in existence at the Shoora Council of Saudi Arabia, each having a membership of between 12 and 14. The President of the Council also belongs to a committee. The Committees have as roles, to study issues referred to it from the Council or from the President.
The committees have Chairmen who are appointed by the Council. Each Chairman should have relevant background as regards the duties of the committee he is to chair. The Chairmen have one-year tenure.

The Chair of a Committee has the following duties:
1. He calls for meetings.
2. Presides over the meetings of the committee.
3. Speaks for the committee in the preliminary meeting.

There are no Political Parties represented in the Council.


The Council has some oversight functions with regard to the other arms of Government. It discusses the Public Policies of the Government that are referred to it by the Cabinet. The Council also studies and analyses the accords and agreements to be entered into with foreign organs and comments on them.


1. The Council discusses and approves the socio economic plan for development.
2. Studies and analyses laws, bi-laws and international accords and suggest whether what could be done.
3. Explains and illustrates laws and bi-laws.
4. Studies and analyses the annual reports that are submitted from the different ministries of Government.


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