The House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Current Speaker: H.E. Aden  Farah


The House of Federation is the second chamber of the Ethiopian Parliament. The House represents Ethiopia’s 75 Nations, Nationalities and Peoples. Each Nation, Nationality and People has at least one representative plus one additional representative for each additional million of their respective population. It has currently 153 members. Members can either be elected directly by the people or through the regional councils for a term of five years. The House meets at least twice per year as a general assembly.

Based on Article 62 of the Constitution, the House:

  • interprets the Constitution;
  • determines the division of revenues derived from joint Federal and States and decides on subsidies;
  • Decides on the issues relating to rights of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples to self-determination, including the right to secession;
  • Promotes the equality of the people; promote and consolidate their unity based on their mutual consent,
  • Strives to find solutions to disputes or misunderstandings that may arise between States,
  • Orders Federal intervention if any State, in violation of this Constitution, endangers the constitutional order and
  • Determines civil matters which require the enactment of legislation through the House of Peoples Representatives

Structure of the House


Deputy Speaker,

Standing Committees/ ad-hoc Committee,

Council of Constitutional Inquiry and


Duties of the Speaker

The Speaker of the House is appointed by the general assembly of the House. The Speaker shall:

  1. administer the meetings of the House;
  2. manage all the House’s administrative works;
  3. implement the disciplinary measures the House takes on its members;
  4. follow up the implementation of the decision of the House;
  5. submit the House’s work program and budget to the House for the Peoples’ Representatives and implement same upon approval;
  6. execute other responsibilities as determined by law.

The Deputy Speaker acts on behalf of the Speaker in his absence.

Structure of the Standing Committees

There are two Standing Committees in the House. The Speaker nominates 15 members each, including the Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons. The House shall confirm the assignment. The Members of the Standing Committees nominate their Secretaries.

Standing Committees of the House are:

  1. Constitutional and Regional Affairs and
  2. Subsidy and Concurrent Revenues Distribution Affairs.

Structure of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry

The Council of Constitutional Inquiry is an advisory body, in Constitutional Interpretation, to the House. The Council gives recommendations for the interpretation and can reject cases. It has 11 members, which is chaired by the President and Deputy President of the Federal Supreme Court. Six of its members are appointed by the President of the Republic and the remaining three from the members of the House of Federation.

Structure of the Secretariat

The Secretariat of the House is rendering administrative, secretarial, clerical, reception and information services to the House and its Committees, Speakers, Members of the House and Council of Constitutional Inquiry. Currently the Secretariat has 104 staff members.

Current Secretary General: Mr. Habtamu Nini Abino


The House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

P.O.Box 20212/1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251-111-242-301/3



Fax: +251-111-242-304/8



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